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June 6, 2010


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He was young, handsome, clever.

Toilsome days of engineering were over.

‘Honestly, Life has just begun!’

Well paid job, plans to buy a car,

Followed by marriage & occasional visits to bar.

‘Honestly, Life would be so much fun!’

He hands over his abdominal CT scan report,

I see the film, and then, what radiologist wrote:

‘LIVER: multiple metastases; PANCREAS: primary’

Twenty-five is not the age, to move in a cemetery.

I wonder how true are words of wise,

‘God does not play dice”.

I speak in volume, low; keeping my pace, slow,

to convey: how long his life will, flow.

He shudders, his face gets pale, his lips get dry,

But a friendly tear, or was it, a drop of sweat,

trickled along his nose, and made them wet.

He tries too hard, tries not to cry.

He mutters few words, which make no sense,

“No one wants to witness :his absence!”

Death hovers on him like a patrolling chopper.

Thought of a wrinkled face makes him shivers with fear

“Those shoulder on which, I as a toddler

used to play, would bear the weight of my bier?”

Like smell of incense, sorrow fills the room.

Could a flower wilt, before it could bloom?

Deafening sound was heard when we dint talk,

of a dream shattering:” We’ll paint the town red!”

Could one stumble, before one began to walk,

upon his deathbed?

I know what lies ahead: A game of chess.

Between: We, Doctors and Yama, Lord of Death.

Between:  Amateur and a Grandmaster.

But he: A mere pawn, till his last breath.

“Checkmate!” who would utter

is not a difficult guess.

‘Honestly, Life has just begun!’

‘Honestly, Life would be so much fun!’

On the horizon, sun turns, violently red,

with his rage, as though, the sky would burn.

I walk home, a hard day is over,

But just before I could take the next turn,

I paused and pondered, on what a wise man said:

“Death is around the corner”


1 Comment »

  1. Nice,deep poetry… it is
    Death…I wish,I will be ready if it comes
    Sins….I wish , all of them be forgiven so pure my body and soul
    Deed….I wish, bad one change to use for others as good lessons

    Comment by nurdjenahs — June 6, 2010 @ 3:42 pm

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