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June 6, 2010


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Q:Question was reagrding meaning in life?

A:Majority of humanity do find lot of things, in creation, which are worth enough & can be a reason to live. They do find certain degree fulfillment in/from there chosen pursuits.They keep finding newer avenues that would give them meaning.However the quest seems to be perennial therefore, pertinent question would be: is there any thing that is so worthy that when accomplished can once and for all, altogether, end this quest. This possibility somehow does not come in their purview, to them it is mandatory that there has to be something, either to be continuously performed/not performed or to be experienced/not experienced to make life meaningful. They have established a cause-effect relationship between fulfillment and action/experience but as both action and experience are finite i.e. they end after a period of time, after which they are back with his same old question.

To put it differently can a person find something  that is so complete, by itself, that after which he doesn’t further look for any thing else. For me only worthy pursuit is a life committed to discover this and all other pursuits should sub serve this search.


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  1. thanx for that reply
    would you plz be more specific here–ie what IS that ‘complete pursuit’ and how does one identify it…thanx

    Comment by aa95 — February 24, 2013 @ 2:44 am

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