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June 6, 2010


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Q: The question  was on Non Veg food and its relevance to sprituality.

A:Life feeds on life ;this is as per natures law. You can’t escape certain irregularities in day today living, this is the way it is. Animals have a more advanced sensory nervous system and enjoy much more awareness than plants; it  seems they would like to live longer. If one can quit it well and good in one cant & feels that his is wrong the one  can make gradual attempts without being harsh on oneself.My personal view is to be a vegetarian is more responsible and dharmic way of living. But, all these are cultural issues. If in a western world what one gets is only/mostly non veg then one can eat to live with ease in that system. Eating non veg is not a contraindication to spiritual understanding; attachment to  taste or to any thing can pose certain degree of  impediment .

pulls in life only are symptoms of inward poverty,which has its roots in wrong understanding of ones nature. So one has to care of the symptoms, provisionally but  when disease is cured from its root then symptom would regress on there own.



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