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June 6, 2010


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As a seeker one needs to have clarity on this issue. This is fairly complex topic I will touch only few salient points:

Action can not lead to the understanding of Brahman no matter how noble/religious the action may be. This is because every action is carried out, on the basis that one is doer. Vedanta on the other hand unequivocal about one is Brahman.

Till now we have accompliced every thing by doing. One tends to retain same orientation with this pursuit, therefore need to bring about a fundamental change.

So there is no direct relationship. Based on this insight one may give up all actions, this proves to be of little use rather can be detrimental to spiritual growth. No one can give up actions in daily living so generally one replaces actions in the name of giving up. One has to appreciate that one does not have to give up action up one has to give up the false sense of doership one has ascribed to oneself

What is also important is that one can intelligently use action to prepare a mind that is necessary to get the full import of the this sacred knowledge. This whole process is best covered in Bhagwat Gita under the title of karma yoga. Emphasizing that one should use is discrimination to see that every result is(a) limited thus one loosens the hankering on has towards worldly goals (b) is not solely depends upon the actions but also on the laws of Ishwara. This bring about acceptance to whatever comes in his/her life

No action per se is right or wrong, an apparently gruesome act of killing relatives and well-wishers in kurusherta/dharmashetra convinced Arjuna that this was obviously a wrong thing to do, bur Krishna pointed out the falsie of this position and made him see that this act is necessary to restore righteousness and would be very much  in keeping with Ishwara’ law. So it’s the intention behind any act that makes it good or bad.

Why is one lead to do wrong action? Primarily because one has strong attachments, likes/ dislikes and erroneous values. The correction has to made at the level of mind(where these are) and not at the level of actions(where they manifest). Thus by giving up any action is like cutting the trunk /stems and leaving the roots behind which would in due course of time will again come out. That is if the problem is left unaddressed in its potential form it will rear its ugly head. One has to see clearly that these attachments’ have not done him any good and in that very seeing there is dissipation (vivek-vairagya). Both these qualities are of utmost importance to someone who is genuinely desirous of this knowledge mumukshu. Since this is not an easy process as one has had wrong orientations from time immemorial they cannot be corrected easily. One thus lets his tendencies manifest when he is involved in actions and make regular course correction.

One also has too discriminate between what is essential and what is not. He should be not hesitant is doing what is essential this is a satvvic quality. What pulls him back is tamas. What drives him to do unnecessary action is rajas, our minds are generally tend to be excessively consumed with our  work, this is mostly unnecessary, some one whom I admire has aptly quoted ‘occupation is never a problem pre-occupation is’  .  One has to grow is sattva ,if one is a serious seeker, cut down on many action rajas and keep himself alert that his  does not slip into laziness or lethargy tamas


This creation is like a grand play, a magnum opus, whose script writer has to appreciated for his outstanding abilities. We as actors have strike a relationship with Him and allign are roles with His intentions. We act for the sheer joy of acting and feel privileged in being  part of such a prestigious theatre group, which has such fine scriptwriter and acknowledging Hiscapabilities we are humbled.



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