offerings अर्पणम्

June 6, 2010


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From confines of a womb,
To more spacious ward,
He moves, as feels free,
But finds his navel,
tied to a cord.

They note down the time.
They note down the date.
He thinks, he is new,
But constellation had,
decided his fate.

Product of ignorance, or
Product of genes.
He appears to begin afresh
But finds oscillating,
from ends to means.

Grief visits him every season,
He cries for no reason,
Rattle brings a smile,
But that lasts,
just for a while.

Is happiness momentary?
Am I, bound or free?
Am I, new of old?
Puzzled he ponders,
on these questions, manifold.

“Valid questions haunt you,
But you seek answers in wrong locus,
Consciousness that makes you, You,
On That Principle,
shift your focus.

In that lies true freedom,
That is eternally new.
In that lies true happiness,
That is no different,
no different from you.”


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