offerings अर्पणम्

June 6, 2010


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On mental canvas, relentlessly sketching shapes,
Embellishing them with colors, painting hills and lakes.
Our artist fall in love with every thing he makes,
Finds home in sketched houses, gives reality to shapes.

Time’s wrath, in a stroke, wipes all.
But we learn little and continue to draw
with hope this one is indelible, may defy natures law.
But we learn little and continue to fall.

For his  paints and palette, heavy price he pays.
In his self portrait, he mixes, only shades of gray.
Though artists’ come and go, Art stays.
Self stays  but self portrait goes astray.

for appreciating the nuances of this poem a background in Indian Philosophy (Vedanta) would help.
In a nutshell it conveys that ego (self portrait) finds comfort and security in ephemeral material objects.(1st para)
However they are transient and perishable. Ego still does not learn and continues to still seek them.(2nd para)
This leads to disappointment. But the true nature of ego (Self) remains unaltered.(3rd para)
The poem also hints at unreality of creation,(“gives reality to shapes”) in keeping with Advaith Vedanta.


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