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October 6, 2015


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अपने कर्म की गत मै क्या जानु
मै क्याे जानु , बाबा रे।

हाड जले जैसे लकड़ी का तुला
केश जले जैसे घास का पुुला।

नर मरे कछु काम ना आवे
पशु मरे दस काम सवारे।

कहे कबीर तब ही नर जागे
यम का दंड मुंड मोहे लागे ।

My watchman had narrated an incident, few days back, that when his cow had died, he had wept profusely and had dug a pit to bury her, so that cobblers don’t take her for skinning hide. I asked him, yesterday, about his views on Dadri lynching and he said “if we can’t give life, then we have no right, whatsoever, to take one. There is no bigger sin”. He condemned it in strongest terms. So do I.

The group comprising of majority community that lynched and killed the elderly man, from the minority community, for his alleged possession of cow meat, is to be reprobated, in no unequivocal terms.

Human life is precious, the finest manifestation of Highest Intelligence and therefore has unique place in the scheme, comprising of myriad life forms. Therefore protecting it is incumbent on fellow human being. And protecting it over any other life form. This is in keeping with nature’s law. Though, Hinduism holds cows in high place but by no stretch of imagination, taking life of an innocent fellow human being, is justifiable, just because his eating preferences are in variance with its religious ideology . Values are relative and balance has to maintained while interpreting, a given value. Disproportionate emphasis on a virtuous value can turn it into a curse. Love for cows cannot supersede love for fellow human being. Moreover, in this incident it was not love for cow that was the basis for their savagely act but it was politically motivated act, in disguise of misplaced religious overtones. And by committing this heinous act, if any one thinks they did it as a service to the cause Hinduism, then they are holding the wrong end of stick. Tolerance is a fundamental tenet of Hinduism. Period.

Cows as milk production mammal is extremely generous and ungrudging, in letting humans take good share of her produce. Because of all this it has an extremely high place in our culture. I think that’s justified, purely, on the basis of being sensitive as species to some other species’ generosity, and not necessarily as a religious belief. However, I don’t see we have reciprocated, as cow worshipping community, in kind, to this benevolent animal. Before we oppose cow slaughter we need to introspect into our attitude toward these genteel animal. Once her ability to produce milk dwindles, cows are abandoned, like contents of a trash can. In cities the scarcity of grazing pastures compels the cows to graze on litter. No effort is made to provide suitable herbage. Our homilies, of putting her as par with mother, should be followed up by actions. So its necessary that we first put our house in order before we talk about cow slaughter.

Life feeds on life. This is as per natures law. Animals have a more advanced sensory nervous system and enjoy much more awareness than plants. It seems they detest death as much as we do. Eating meat is a complex choice exercised by humans. It is governed by religious beliefs, though social and cultural conditioning, also, play a role. Much less, sensitivity to other life forms is taken into account. My personal view is that being vegetarian is more responsible way of living. But that’s my personal view, I don’t have the Divine mandate to coerce someone to subscribe to my view. To each his own. Moreover, we have learn to behave as humans, and not like beasts, to fellow humans, before we empathise on sensitivities to animals .

Banning is not the way forward. If a community feels that there religious sentiments are hurt, by another communities’ beef consumption, it has to make an ardent appeal and then its up to the other communities’ sensitivity, to either listen or ignore. Every one has right to exercise his or her free will. Coercion leads to repugnance and that does not augur well for healthy existence.

The discourse that follows such incidents is never balanced. Understandably, as these are emotive issues. It stands to reason, for the present dispensation to tread carefully while dealing with these issues, knowing the sensitivities and sensibilities, that these issues are capable of evoking. The person at helm of affairs, otherwise loquacious, should express his displeasure and rein in these misguided forces. Like a responsible head of the family, he should make sure that all the members of his family, feel equally secure, under his leadership. Irresponsible statements and even silence, on these incidents can be the justifiable basis for the minorities, to be circumspect, about the secular credentials of the ruling government. The opposition, too, has also been petty, to cash in, as much political mileage, from the incident, as possible. Media and social activists derive some puverse pleasure by sensationalising the incident. And, at times, the sympathisers, go overboard. Though they appear to quell the ongoing controversy, their mawkish skewed remarks, end up fuelling it. Matured response is the need of the hour and not provocative declamation.

Transliteration of the verses attributed to Sant Kabir.

अपने कर्म की गत मै क्या जानु
मै क्याे जानु बाबा रे।

Apne karam ki gati main kya janu
mai kya janu baba re

हाड जले जैसे लकड़ी का तुला
केश जले जैसे घास का पुुला।

Haad jale jaise lakdi ka tula
kees jale jaise ghas ka poola

नर मरे कछु काम ना आवे
पशु मरे दस काम सवारे।

nar mare kachu kaam na aawe
pasu mare das kaaz sware

कहे कबीर तब ही नर जागे
यम का दंड मुंड मोहे लागे ।

Kahe kabir tab heinar jaage
jam ka band mund mohe laage

(If I have unintentionally offended anyone’s sentiments, my apologies, as my argument are liable to be misconstrued. I also don’t want to exchange any contentious comments on this issue 🙂

The picture has been shamelessly plagiarised from the net.:-) )


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