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October 2, 2015


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When the world doesn’t treat you well,
And life is a living hell.

When morsel of food is hard to get,
And all you do is, beg and fret.

When mind speaks on its own.
And you hear commands, even when, alone.

When sorrow surrounds, heart is insipid.
And peace eludes, spirit is tepid

When life has nothing to offer
And death would not defer.

(I had taken this snap near Sangam. This man was sitting on temple steps. Probably, a psychotic beggar. His face was extremely agitated and had a morsel in his hand.

In, both, the picture and the poem, I’ve tried to capture his state of mind. My friend Anjum rightly remarked on this:
“we all have some rage within us…albeit, of variable magnitude”.
I was wondering how can I relate to his mind? And answer to that is, though, he may well be at one end of the spectrum, but, we are part of the sprectum.)

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